TEK nozzle straight, 120 mm long

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Total Energy Compensation for the Vario in the GPS-Logger 2/3 and in the MicroVario!

The TEK nozzle is the ideal addition for our GPS-Logger 2/3 and for the MicroVario. These have a TEK connection on the vario and, together with the TEK nozzle, enable a vario experience similar to that of man-carrying gliders.

Our TEK nozzle works on the principle of the "Brunswick nozzle". This type of construction is used almost exclusively by man-carrying pilots today. Although the construction is more complex than the simple curved Nicks nozzle, it is unsurpassed in compensation and also delivers perfect results in model flying.

The nozzle is made entirely of stainless steel and is hard soldered.

The nozzle head is on a scale of 1:2. This sounds bigger than it is, as the nozzles in the original are very small. The nozzle looks correctly sized on models of practically any size.

The 2.5 mm diameter tube is about 240 mm long and 40 mm high in the angled version for installation in the vertical stabiliser. In the original this length is about 750 mm, so that our nozzle has the correct length for 1:3 model. For smaller models the tube can be shortened a little, for larger ones it could be lengthened and stiffened with a carbon fibre tube.

The straight version for installation on the back of the fuselage is about 120 mm long.

What is TEK anyway?

TEK means, in simple terms, the suppression of "stick thermals" by taking the model's speed into account. This is achieved by connecting a TEK nozzle to the vario sensor.

For slow models flying at constant speed, the simple vario without TEK is often sufficient. Here the errors caused by controlled altitude changes are not so great and you can already see the thermals well through the vario. The cleaner you fly and the smaller the speed changes are, the better the vario without TEK nozzle works.

However, with dynamic models or even with less than perfect flying style, vario outputs always occur which do not show the real climb and descent of the model, but only a controlled change in speed or altitude, the "stick thermals". In fact, the only thing of interest in the thermal search is whether you are flying in a rising, falling or neutral air mass. As independently as possible of how the aircraft is currently moving.

Exactly this behaviour is achieved by using a TEK nozzle on the variometer. This nozzle generates a negative pressure dependent on the airspeed and thus simulates a climb with increasing speed, which compensates for the loss of altitude. So you press on, the altitude decreases and the vario without TEK would indicate sink. The TEK nozzle compensates for this by indicating climb for the increasing speed when you press on. The conversion of altitude (potential energy) into speed (kinetic energy) is therefore no longer misinterpreted as sinking or climbing with the TEK nozzle.

In the ideal case, with full compensation, the vario always shows the current intrinsic sink rate of the aircraft in absolutely calm air. Of course, this is not a constant value, but depends on speed, lift and other factors.

The connection between TEK nozzle and GPS-Logger 2/3 or MicroVario is made with the separately available nozzle holder, order no. 2220.022, and the hoses included there.


  • Dimensions: approx. 120 mm long x 40 mm high
  • Weight: 4 g

Scope of delivery:

TEK nozzle straight stainless steel


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