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A full 10 Hz telemetry GPS with micro SD memory card, TEK Vario, and accelerometer!

The new version 3 replaces the GPS-Logger 2 and remains fully compatible.

The new hardware provides:

  • a new GPS module for better GPS reception even under difficult conditions
  • further improved pressure sensors for even finer vario resolution with less noise
  • a horizontally aligned TEK connector for easier installation, especially in narrow hulls

The GPS-Logger 3 is a fully-fledged GPS system that has been specially developed for the needs of the model building sector.

It is extremely small and light, but has excellent features and capabilities. With up to 10 Hz recording rate and the micro-SD memory card, recordings of almost any length with high detail resolution are possible.

Telemetry via 2.4 GHz systems with return channel is an integral part of the GPS-Logger 3 and fully integrated.

In line with our philosophy of supporting as many systems as possible, the GPS-Logger 3 also addresses the telemetry of:

  • Jeti Duplex
  • Multiplex M-Link
  • Graupner HoTT
  • Futaba
  • FrSky
  • Spektrum (at Spektrum-Adapter)
  • PowerBox Core

The telemetry used only has to be specified once in the GPS-Logger 3 settings. This is done either via our PC programme "GPS Converter" or with the UniDisplay. On delivery, HoTT is selected.

The GPS-Logger 3 realises a high-quality vario with a built-in high-resolution pressure sensor via telemetry and also enables the use of compensation nozzles with the integrated TEK connection. This gives you a vario function that indicates real climb and sink very accurately, independent of the "stick thermals".

For accurate height measurement even when operating with TEK nozzle, a second pressure sensor is built in, which provides correct height data regardless of the speed.

Information about the loads in flight is provided by the built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor. At each waypoint in the recording and also via telemetry, the acceleration of all three axes can be displayed here.

The new competition format OLC, the Online Contest, is also optimally supported by the GPS-Logger 3. The built-in noise sensor (ENL = engine noise level) provides data that automatically identifies the engine running times in climb flight. The IGC file required for the OLC is created directly on the memory card and digitally signed, no conversion software is necessary.

Likewise, the GPS Logger 3 can be used for another competition format, namely Soaringleague. is a new website for easy online evaluation of glider flights with any model. It doesn't get any easier than this!

When operating with Multiplex M-Link, all data on the sensor bus are automatically logged by the GPS-Logger 3 and also written to the memory card > MSB Data Logger.

In addition to its own readings, the GPS-Logger 3 can also read out the complete data from our UniLog 1 + 2 and UniSens-E live via a direct connection cable and write it to the memory card as well.

All measured values of the GPS-Logger 3 can be viewed live via our UniDisplay. All settings and alarms can of course also be conveniently programmed via the display.

The data is displayed and evaluated in 3D in Google EarthTM. To convert the data into Google EarthTM format, you only need our free software "SM GPS Converter" and the standard version of Google EarthTM, which is also free of charge.

Our GPS-Logger 3 is also supported by the well-known LogView software. Here the GPS data can also be converted into the Google EarthTM format. In addition, the values can also be displayed in normal curve form / table form and much more.

The GNU DataExplorer for analysing data is Java-based and thus suitable for Mac or Linux as well as Windows.

Whether glider, aerobatic machine, helicopter, HLG or slowflyer, the GPS-Logger 3 can be used in almost any area due to its low weight and compact size. Of course, the GPS-Logger 3 is not only suitable for model flying. It can also be installed in RC boats, RC cars etc.

And this is what the GPS-Logger 3 can do:

  • 10 Hz GPS, i.e. 10 readings per second particularly good resolution of the data
  • micro SD memory card almost unlimited recording and easy reading of the data
  • Data is stored as plain text on the memory card. further processing with many programmes possible
  • high-resolution vario with TEK connection
  • Height measurement with second pressure sensor with automatic zero setting after switching on
  • integrated 3 axis acceleration sensor up to +- 16 g
  • direct creation of the IGC file for the Online Contest (OLC) with integrated motor noise sensor for ENL measurement
  • full telemetry support for Jeti Duplex, Multiplex M-Link, Graupner HoTT, Futaba, JR DMSS, FrSky and Spektrum (via Spektrum adapter)
  • direct connection of UniLog 1 + 2 and UniSens-E possible for data recording (not during Futaba, JR DMSS and FrSky operation)
  • Recording of all data on the Multiplex sensor bus during operation with M-Link
  • Connection for receiver signal for remote control of certain functions
  • Recording of receiver battery voltage
  • Power supply by receiver battery
  • internal backup battery (accumulator) for a quick start of the GPS
  • Start of recording adjustable by different conditions
  • current status is signalled by three LEDs
  • direct viewing of measured values live with our UniDisplay (not during Futaba, JR DMSS and FrSky operation)
  • Parameter settings via PC, UniDisplay and telemetry possible
  • Fast conversion of the data into 3D display with Google EarthTM by our free "SM GPS Converter" software. The programme is available free of charge on our homepage under the menu item Software & Updates.
  • Support by the LogView software: LogView is a very comprehensive and yet easy to use evaluation program for the PC that supports a variety of different measuring and loading devices from the modelling sector.
  • Support by the GNU DataExplorer Software. GNU DataExplorer is just as comprehensive as LogView and, in addition to Windows, is also suitable for Mac and Linux.
  • free firmware updates via memory card possible (the firmware file is available on the Internet at under the menu item Software & Updates)
  • Can be used almost anywhere due to its compact size and low weight


  • GPS data rate: 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz adjustable
  • Memory type: micro SD card (card with 2 GB included)
  • Recording time: at 10 Hz data rate and full capacity approx. 200 kByte / minute memory requirement, i.e. 7 days recording with 2 GB card
  • Power supply: from receiver supply (from 3.6 V to maximum 8.5 V)
  • Power consumption: approx. 60 mA in full operation
  • Connections: 1 x connection for telemetry and power supply ("Link"), 1 x servo pulse input from receiver, COM connection for UniDisplay, UniLog 1 / 2 and firmware update, slot for micro SD card
  • Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 11 mm
  • Weight: 11 g without cable
  • GPS module: Sensitivity up to -165 dBm maximum acceleration 4g (refers only to the detection of the position, the module is in SMD construction and can tolerate much higher accelerations).

Scope of delivery:

  • GPS Logger 3
  • 4 GB micro SD memory card and USB card reader
  • Connection cable to receiver
  • Detailed colour instruction manual

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