TWIN X14S FrSky transmitter 2.4Ghz Black without battery, without stand holder, without EVA bag

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DUAL 2.4G RADIO SYSTEM The TWIN X14S stands out as a robust radio system, boasting the capability of utilizing dual 2.4G frequencies simultaneously on the same receiver in TW mode. Different from standard active-standby redundancy solutions, the TW active-active protocol ensures both 2.4G frequency bands are actively engaged on the TWIN series RF module and receiver simultaneously.

Equipped with two internal 2.4G RF antennas, the TWIN X14S offers expansive multi-directional coverage for transmitting signals. Leveraging these attributes alongside the exterior antenna mounting frame, the Twin system provides less latency, higher reliability, and faster data rates with confidence. In addition to the TW mode, TWIN X14 also supports ACCST D16 and ACCESS modes, this means users can benefit from a wide range of compatible receiver options to choose from and bind to when building the RC model.

ERGONOMIC, COMPACT & FLEXIBLE DESIGN In alignment with the form factor concept of TANDEM X18, the TWIN X14S has been crafted to enhance its portability, reduce weight, and streamline its design. The ergonomic layout ensures that the momentary buttons, shoulder sliders, and switches on the top are effortlessly accessible.

The TWIN X14S offers 4 customizable buttons, thoughtfully placed at the radio panel center for real-time and frequent operations. Take, for instance, when flying an RC glider, to configure these buttons as additional Trim functions by ETHOS, these buttons become invaluable for on-the-fly adjustments then, allowing pilots to adapt the angle of the flaps/surface according to the real-time air environment.

BUILT-IN FLASH STORAGE AND RECHARGING SYSTEM | STAND HOLDER ATTACHABLE STRUCTURE DESIGN Eliminating the need for users to fret over storage decisions, the TWIN X14S boasts built-in 512MB flash storage, providing ample space for your file storage requirements. Its practicality extends to a battery bay accommodating a 2600mAh Li Battery, easily replaceable and featuring a Type-C port for recharging.

Further enhancing its user-friendly design, the TWIN X14S introduces an attachable and foldable structure on the rear shell. This design allows for the easy installation of an additional stand holder accessory, transforming the X14S not only can be conveniently carried but it can also to be positioned anywhere, offering operational flexibility without having to hold the radio in your hands.


  • Ergonomic and Compact Lightweight Design with Comfortable Rounded Hand Grips
  • Easy-to-reach Top Switches and Sliders
  • 2.95” 640×360 Resolution Color TFT Display Screen
  • 4 Trims & 4 Quick-Mode Custom Buttons (Front) & 2 Momentary Buttons (Rear)
  • Integrate Flash Storage but keep the TF Card Slot for Storage Extension
  • High-Precision Hall-Sensor Gimbals with a Metal Panel
  • Lite Type External Module Bay
  • Built-in 6-axis Gyroscope Sensor
  • Haptic Vibration Alerts and Voice Speech Outputs
  • Supports Recharge System for 2S Li Battery (USB Type-C Interface)
  • High-Speed PARA Wireless Training System
  • MC18 All CNC High-Precision Hall-Sensor Gimbals with 10 Ball-Bearing /– Adjustable 45° / 60° stick travel (Additional Travel Limiter Tool is required)
  • ETHOS Operating System
  • CNC Aluminum Backshell Stand Holder (Optional)
  • Dual 2.4G Band TW-ISRM Internal RF Module
  • Supports multiple RF protocols: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / TW modes
  • Less Latency Capability with More Range and Higher Reliability at a Faster Data Rate

Built-in Dual 2.4G Band Internal RF Module

  • TW Mode

– Highly resilient RF module providing dual 2.4G signals working simultaneously – Long-range control (Tens of kilometers, range varies based on the RF Power settings.) – Low-latency (<4ms) supporting full telemetry


  • Dimension: 192×193×72mm (L×W×H)
  • Weight: 610g (Battery Excl.)
  • Operating System: ETHOS
  • Internal RF Module: TW-ISRM
  • 2.95” Color TFT Display Screen Resolution: 640×360
  • Number of Channels: Up to 24 Channels
  • Operating Voltage Range: 6.5V ~ 8.4V (2S Li-Battery)
  • Operating Current: 330mA@7.4V (typ.)
  • Operating Temperature: -10? ~ 60?
  • Built-in 512MB Flash Storage
  • Battery Bay Size: 69.5×38.5×20mm (L×W×H)
  • Data Transmission & Charging Interface: USB Type-C
  • USB Adaptor Voltage and Current: 5V+0.2V, =2.0A
  • Compatibility: ACCST D16 / ACCESS / TW modes


  • TWIN X14S (Mode 2)
  • USB data and charging cable (only with Engel Modellbau)
  • Short manual

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