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Your rights regarding data protection
Stored data and encryption

The company Engel Modellbau & Technik collects, proceeses and uses personal data of users/customers exclusively for preparing contracts, concluding contracts and contract execution as well as for invoicing/accounting purposes. Our data protection policy & practice is in line with the European Data Protection Directive as well as with the German “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz/Federal Data Protection Law” (BDSG), and the German “Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz/Internet Services Data Protection Law” (TDDSG).

As soon as you log in to our shop (registering), we protect the transfer of your personal data by means of a secure SSL-connection.

Among others the following data are being encrypted:

- User-ID
- Ordered items
- Payment method
- bank data (debit)
- Delivery adress

 - title
 - first Name*
 - name*
 - company
 - add on/ name 2
 - tax-ID-Number
 - VAT-ID-Number
 - street/ house no*
 - country*
 - postale code / location*
 - eMail*
 - web page
 - telephone 1*
 - telephone 2
 - telefax
 - password*

* mandatory fields for registering in online-shop

In case you have any questions regarding the subject of data protection, please write to the Data Protection Officer via


This Data Protection Declaration shall inform the users of the website according to „Bundesdatenschutzgesetz“ and „Telemediengesetz“ regarding the way, the scope and the purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the web site operator.

The web site operator takes the protection of your data absolutely serious and handles your personal data confidential and according to the applicable laws.

Please keep in mind that data transmission in internet is always prone to security risks. A full and risk-less protection against unauthorized access by third parties is not feasible.

Access data

The web site operator respectively the site provider collects data regarding access to the web site and stores them as „server-logfiles“.. The following data are being recorded:

- visited website
- time of the day at the moment of access
- amount of transmitted data in byte
- source/link from which you have accessed the web site
- applied browser
- applied operating system
- applied IP-address

The recorded data are being used exclusively for statistical evaluation and improvements of the website. The web site operator however retains the right to check the server-logfiles at any given time in case that whatever illegal practice is being suspected to have taken place.


During access to our website as well as during use of our online-shop as so-called „cookie“ will be stored on your computer.
The „cookie“ will NOT be used to evaluate your user habits or any other similar item, the “cookie” is being used only and exclusively to ensure your authorization.
The usage of cookies increases the user friendliness and security of our web page. Standard browsers are offering setting options, which will block cookies.

IMPORTANT: We cannot ensure that you can access all functions on our website without constraints in case you set your browser to block cookies.

A final regulation regarding the handling and treatment of cookies in terms of data protection shall be included within the “e-privacy regulation / ePV”. It is assumed that ePV shall enter into force by end of 2019 and shall become obligatory and binding after a transition period in 2020 or 2021. As soon as we will have full legal clarification, we will apply that accordingly..

Handling of personal data / transfer to third parties

The company Engel Modellbau & Technik will neither transfer personal data without your expressive approval (which you can withdraw at any time you wish) to third parties nor will provide/make available these data in whatever form to third parties.

However, personal data will be accessible for those of our service partners which we essentially need for the transfer of data (e.g. our partner for IT maintenance, financial institutions dealing with payment processes or – if applicable – transport partners).

In those cases the scope of transferred data will be limited down to the minimum.

User account

In order to prepare/execute purchase orders via our website/online-shop each customer needs to open a customer account, protected by a password. The account will keep an overview regarding executed orders and pending active orders. Upon leaving the online-shop you will be logged out automatically.

The operator of the website/online-shop does not retain any liability and cannot be held liable for the misuse of passwords unless that misuse has been caused by the operator himself.

Order process

All data, which during preparation and execution of a purchase order are being entered by a customer, will be saved and stored. This includes:

- user ID
- ordered items
- payment method
- bank data (debit)
- delivery address

 - title
- first name*
 - name*
- company

 - add on / name 2
- tax identification number

 - VAT identification number
- street / house no*

 - country*
- postal code / location*

 - eMail*
- webpage

 - telephone 1*
- telephone 2

 - telefax
- password*

* fields mandatory to be filled in upon registering in online-shop

Those data which are essential and required for delivery or execution of an order will be handed over to service providers (third parties). Please refer to „Handling of personal data / transfer to third parties“.

As soon as keeping of your data is no longer required or is requested by law or will be asked for by you, those data will be deleted.

Handling of contact data

If you are contacting the website operator via the provided contact options, your information will be stored in order to be available for dealing with or answering your request. Without your approval those data will not be transferred to third parties.


The website operator offers you a newsletter subscription which informs you about actual events and offers. If you wish to receive the newsletter, you need to provide a vaild e-mail-address.

Cancellation of the newsletter subscription is possible at any time by an e-mail sent to

Rights of the user: information, notification and cancellation

Each user will get upon request a free-of-charge information regarding which of his personal data have been stored and for which purpose. To the extent that the user’s wish for information does not collide with legal requirements to keep data – e.g. the obligation to keep data in connection with establishing financial results by the tax authorities (according to § 257 HGB, § 147 AO as well as § 14b UStG) the user has the right to demand correction of faulty data and the right to demand blocking or cancellation of personal data.

Videos / YouTube Videos

Videos embedded in this website have to be started by the user in order to watch them. Those videos do not start automatically!

In case of YouTube videos those videos are being provided through the platform YouTube with legal seat in California/USA. We are using this service in order o make our videos accessible on a broad range of devices and different browser versions without loss of image quality.

If you are using this offer by clicking on a video to start it, YouTube may eventually draw personal data. We expressively inform that we as offeror of the website neither get any knowledge regarding the content of the drawn data nor any knowledge regarding their use by YouTube. In addition, eventually a connection to the DoubleClick commercial network might be established. Furthermore, we are informing that servers operated by companies in the USA are not subjected to European data protection regulations. Additional information concerning these topics you can find in the data protection declaration of YouTube:


On our website we are offering among others payment option via PayPal an. Provider of this payment service is the PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg (subsequently “PayPal”).

If you select payment via PayPal, the data provided by you for payment purposes will be transferred to PayPal.

Transfer of your data to PayPal is being accomplished based on Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a DSGVO (approval) and Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b DSGVO (data handling for contract execution). You have the possibility at any time to withdraw your approval for data processing and handling. Such withdrawal does not affect however data processing and handling which occurred in the past.

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